Maine Stormwater Conference


Full Conference Program

Day 1: Monday, October 23

Keynote Address:

Stormwater Finance: The Status of Federal Funding and the Future Role of Private Capital
Jim Gebhardt : Director Water Infrastructure & Resiliency Finance Center, USEPA Headquarters

Municipal Stormwater Management

Session I – One Water
How Your Friends in Sewer Will Save Your Stormwater!
Tim Haskell & Philip Tucker, York Sewer District, ME | Zach Henderson, Woodard & Curran, ME

Turning Ultra Urban into Ultra Green for CSO Control in the Bronx
Ginny Roach, CDM Smith, MA 

Success and Lessons Learned from Saco’s CSO Program
Howard Carter & Joe Laverriere, City of Saco, ME


Session II – MS4 Tricks of the Trade
Exceeding the Benchmark Value: How to Maximize Cost Savings for IDDE Program Implementation
Teri Demers, Woodard & Curran, MA

Asset Management for MS4 Compliance
Lauren Caputo, VHB, MA

How Portland Leverages Technology to Improve Water Quality
John Emerson & Jess Gooch, City of Portland, ME


Session III – Winter is Coming
NH Green SnowPro & Maine’s Work to Develop a Winter Maintenance Certification Program
Amy Begnoche, UNH T2 Center, NH | Pete Coughlan, MaineDOT, ME

Panel Discussion
Amy Begnoche, UNH T2 Center, NH
Pete Coughlan, MaineDOT, ME

Justin Gamester, Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service, ME
Dean Lessard, Town of York, ME

Planning & Ordinance

Session I – #PlanIt
The Past, Present & Future of Stormwater Management
Peter M. Hanrahan, E.J. Prescott, Inc, ME

Collaborative Approach to Municipal Stormwater Management in Wellesley, MA
Lori Kennedy, VHB, MA | Michael Zehner, Town of Wellesley, MA

MS4 Program Cost Savings through Community Partnerships
Kathryn Edwards & Jennifer Lachmayr, Arcadis, MA


Session II – Engagement Party
Starting from the Bottom – Capisic Pond Enhancement
Lauren Swett, Woodard & Curran, ME | Nathaniel Smith, City of Portland, ME

Cows, Kids, and Campers: Wolfe’s Neck Farm, a Case Study in Integrative Stormwater Management
Ann Kearsley, Ann Kearsley Design, ME | Tom Fowler, Thomas Fowler PE, LLC, ME

Engaging Students in Water Quality & Habitat Assessments to Help Identify Stormwater Impacts
Karen Wilson, University of Southern Maine, ME| Fred Dillon, City of South Portland, ME


Session III – Goin’ Coastal
GPCOG Coastal Assessment
Jessa Berna, GPCOG, ME

Stormwater Practices in the Coastal Zone – Designing for Climate Change
Ellie S. Baker, Horsley Witten Group, Inc., NH | Cristina Kennedy, Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management, MA

Great Bay Pollution Tracking and Accounting Pilot Project
Sally Soule, NHDES, NH | James Houle, UNH Stormwater Center, NH

Green Infrastructure / LID

Session I – Put a LID On It
Green Infrastructure – Collaboration from Design to Post Installation
Robert Woodman, ACF Environmental, ME

Case Study: Pushing Porous to the Limit
Will Savage, Acorn Engineering, ME | Brian Luce, MaineDOT, ME

Case Study: Rollins Hill Conservation Development
Robert Graham, Pipers Properties, NH | Rob Roseen, Waterstone Engineering, NH


Session II – Livin’ the Stream
Designing for Ecological Uplift within Stormwater Management Projects
Michael Burke & Candice Constantine, InterFluve, ME

Assessing Suitability of Living Shorelines on Coastal Bluffs: 3 Case Studies on Maine’s Casco Bay
Damon Yakovleff, Cumberland County SWCD, ME | Pete Slovinski, Maine Geologic Survey, ME

Exeter River Great Dam Removal, Exeter, NH
Dave Cloutier, VHB, ME


Session III – A Little Pitchy, Dawg
Optimizing Stormwater Management with Smart Blue Roof Technology
Kevin Dutt, RainBank, MA

New StormTreat System Linear Configuration
Scott Horsley, StormTreat Systems, Inc., MA

Applications of Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Control Technology in South Burlington, VT
Dave Wheeler, South Burlington, VT | Viktor Hlas, OptiRTC, MA

Day 2: Tuesday, October 24

Keynote Address:

Evolving Hydrologic Services of the Future: Moving from point specific to street level hydrologic forecasting
David Vallee : Hydrologist, NOAA/NWS Northeast River Forecast Center

Regulatory Landscape

Session IV – Go Big
National Perspective Panel Discussion
Jim Gebhardt, USEPA Headquarters, Washington DC
Sharon Newman, Preti Flaherty, ME
David Webster, USEPA Region 1, MA


Session V – Go Pats!
MA’s MS4 Permit Appeal
Brutus Cantoreggi, Town of Franklin, MA

Small State – Big Watershed Goals: RIDOT’s Stormwater Program
Caroline Hampton, VHB, MA

Contractor’s Regional Perspective on the Construction General Permit
Lauren Lohn, CIANBRO, ME


Session VI – Go HoME
MS4 Program Audits: DEP’s Perspective
Brian Kavanah, Maine DEP, ME

MS4 Program Audits: Municipalities’ Perspective
Robyn Saunders, Cumberland County SWCD, ME

After the Audit: What’s on the Horizon for Municipalities?
Sharon Newman, Preti Flaherty, ME

Funding, Partnerships & Collaboration

Session IV – It Takes a Village
The Tale of 2 Towns: How Windham and Gorham are Collaborating to Achieve Clean Water
Gretchen Anderson, Towns of Windham and Gorham, ME

Creating GAUD – Maine’s First Stormwater Utility
Brian Tarbuck, Greater Augusta Utility District, ME

Moving From Contemplation to Implementation of Your Stormwater Management Plan
Martha Sheils & Ed Suslovic, New England Environmental Finance Center, ME

Session V – Word on the Street
Getting the Message: Clean Water Outreach that Reaches Your Audience and Supports Permit Compliance
Jami Fitch & Aubrey Strause, Cumberland County SWCD, ME

Poop and Butts: Thinking Outside the Box with Innovative Outreach Approaches to Protect Stormwater
Belle Ryder, Town of Orono, ME | Brenda Zollitsch, Bangor Area Stormwater Group

Above and Beyond: Brewer, Maine’s MS4 Program Success Story
Phil Ruck, Stillwater Environmental Engineering, ME | Ken Locke, City of Brewer, ME


Session VI – #CrossingOver
The Collaborative Quest for Water Quality: Teaming towns and engineers for assessment, selection, and construction of stormwater management practices
Taylor Walter, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc, NH

Development and Utilization of a Decision Support Tool for Culvert Prioritization
Jake Aman, Wells Reserve, ME

TRAPPD: A Bureaucratic Game of Cats, Mice, and Cheese
Judy Gates & Bradford Folta, MaineDOT, ME

BMP Design, Installation & Maintenance

Session IV – Treat It. Just Treat It.
Dissecting Proprietary Stormwater Treatment BMPs to Develop Practical Solutions
Rich Niles, Amec Foster Wheeler, MA | Thomas Ballestero, University of New Hampshire, NH

High Performance Modular Biofiltration Systems – Overcoming Shortfalls of Traditional Vegetated BMPs
Robert Woodman, ACF Environmental, ME


Session V – P3- Easy as 1, 2, 3
Public-Private Partnerships in Long Creek
Pete Carney, Long Creek Watershed Management District, ME

Taking Care of Business: How Necessary Improvements in Red Brook Watershed Created the Need for Public-Private Partnerships
Angela Blanchette & Mike Shaw, Town of Scarborough, ME

Session VI – Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Avoiding Common Engineering Mistakes when Preparing Stormwater and Site Location of Development Permits
Ben Viola, Maine DEP, ME

Permitting Panel Discussion
Marybeth Richardson, Maine DEP, ME
Alison Sirois, Maine DEP, ME
Ben Viola, Maine DEP, ME
Christine Woodruff, Maine DEP, ME