Maine Stormwater Conference


Full Conference Program

Day 1: November 21, 2013

Track 1: Policy & Legal

The Legal Landscape
Dave Owen, University of Maine School of Law

Citizen Suits as a Regulatory Mechanism
Christopher Kilian, Conservation Law Foundation

Practical Approaches in the Face of RDA
Robert “Brutus” Cantoreggi, Franklin, MA

Integrated Plannin and Permiting: Case study of the Team Effort between Durham, NH and the University of New Hampshire
Dave Cedarholm, Durham, NH

Track 2: Planning & Ordinance

The Stick: An Overview of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) and What They Mean for Municipalities
Robyn Saunders, GZA GeoEnvironmental

The Carrot: How Sustain Southern Maine is Working to Strengthen the Economy, Environment, and Community
Rebeccah Schaffner, Sustain Southern Maine

Bridging Water Quality and Quality of Place: Planning for LID
Christine Grimando, York, ME

Planning the Hometown Your Children will Inherit
LaMarr CLannon, Maine NEMO
Balancing Stream Protection and Restoration with a Designated Growth Center: Scarborough’s Efforts to Protect Red Brook
Ellie Baker, Horsley Witten Group; Rich Niles, AMEC; Dan Bacon, Scarborough, ME

Re-visioning Falmouth Route One: Financing Public-Private Stormwater Management Through Creative Collaboration
Theo Holtwijk, Falmouth, ME; Zach Hendersen, Woodard & Curran

Track 3: Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure: Getting Started in your Community/ Case Studies in Green Infrastructure Master Planning
Andy Reese, AMEC

Green Infrastructure: The Bad, the Ugly, and Why Looks Matter- Lisa Cowan: Studioverde Reducing New York City’s Combined Sewer Overflows using Green Infrastructure
Lisa Cowan, Studioverde

Reducing New York City’s Combined Sewer Overflows using Green Infrastructure
Anne Kitchell, Horsley Witten Group

Performance and Capacity of Compost Biofilters in Urban Runoff and Green Infrastructure Applications
Britt Faucette, Filtrexx International

Porous Pavement Works in the Northeast! (The Maine DOT and Massachusettes DOT Experience)
Steve Tibbetts, MaineDOT

The Stormwater Benefits of Trees
Henry Barbaro, MassDOT

Day 2: November 22, 2013

Track 1: Funding

Stormwater Utilities Pros & Cons
Steve Kahl, Sewall

Evaluation of the Role of Public Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement in Stormwater Funding Decisions in New England: Lessons from Communities
Joshua Secunda, EPA Region 1

Stormwater Utility Panel Discussion: Representatives from three Maine communities discuss their experience developing and implementing stormwater utilities
Mike Bobinski, Portland, ME; Dave Jones, Lewiston, ME; Paul Nicklas, Bangor, ME

Economic Benefits of Green Infrastructure
Martha Sheils, New England Environmental Finance Center

Stormwater Funding Bond (MN & ME)
Alex Mas, The Nature Conservancy in Maine

Track 2: Watershed Management

WMP 101: Planning a Watershed-Scale Management Plan
Rosalie Starvish, GZA GeoEnvironmental

Motivating Long Term Behavior Change to Prevent Water Pollution From Homes and Businesses
Ross Saxton, Lake Champlain International

Trout Brook Watershed Management Plan: The Confluence of Science and Stakeholder Involvement
Kate McDonald, Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District

Topsham Fair Mall Management Plan
Rod Melanson, Topsham, ME

The Nation’s First IC-TMDL on its 4th Birthday: How We Doin’?
Chet Arnold, CT CLEAR

Berry Brook Urban Watershed Renewal Project, Dover, NH
Rob Roseen, Geosyntec

Track 3: Design, Installation & Maintenance

Overview of Bioretention System Performance Criteria and Bioretention- Gravel Wetland Hybrid
Rob Roseen, Geosyntec

Repairing the Damage: Stormwater Treatment Retrofits in an Urban Industrial Park (A Long Creek Case Study)
Dan Diffin, Sevee & Maher Engineers

Collaborative Stormwater BMP Implementation with Regional Planning Commission & Public Works
Daniel Bourdeau, Geosyntech Consultants

Integrating Stormwater Quality the Right Way into the Right-of-Way
Brad Roland, Portland, ME; Dave Senus, Woodard & Curran

Inspection & Maintenance: Stormwater’s Dirty Little Secret
Paul Stonemetz, Stormwater Compliance

Importance of Construction Oversight for Stormwater BMPs: Case Studies from the Bridgton Lakes Region
Colin Holme, Lakes Environmental Association